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Our Approach


Modern finance requires the mastery of highly specialized financial, analytical and numerical concepts. At Numéraire Financial, we strive to deliver quantitative solutions for financial practitioners and financial consultants in various asset classes, including FX, fixed income, credit, equities, and commodities for both individual deals and at a portfolio level with a particular emphasis on the counterparty credit risk.



We advocate a holistic approach to financial consulting. Such a methodology allows clients to optimally employ our professional expertise in analytics, trading, structuring, risk management, and information technology.



Numéraire Financial facilitates the implementation of a holistic integrated risk management framework within a financial insitution that involves synchronized stress testing across assets and liabilities, as well as centralized IT functions and consistent data across various business lines. Moreover, in order to preserve the consistency of results we advocate common approaches and risk factors in various risk computation methodologies, such as market and counterparty credit risk computations.